Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our journey

We began fundraising a few days ago and are at our $300 mark today!! Thank you to all the wonderful people that have donated and to all that our praying for our family. We hope to soon be able to share the face of this adorable little boy that has stolen my heart. The adoption process is very long and involves a lot of paper work and patience. So far we have submitted our application to the adoption agency and a social worker to begin our home study. The home study can cost a little over $2000 and the commitment fee is $3500 once we have paid our commitment fee then we can share to you all the name and face of our future son. Then it will be more paper work. We are all very excited to begin this journey and save this little boy. Bring him into our own and show him what it's like to have a family. Mark and I have already thought about what it will be like to travel to his country to bring him to our home and show him his own bed!! I can't help but picture him smiling, which I have seen his smile in a picture, and feel sad because I don't know if he has anything to smile for right now. It's amazing to think he is there living his life day to day not knowing there is a family doing whatever they can to bring him into their family. He has no idea that there is wonderful, giving people helping us for HIM and that we think about him every day!! One month ago I saw his picture and now he is forever in my heart. We have set up a Paypal account if anyone would like to make a donation., prayers are also greatly appreciated!!!

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