Monday, October 28, 2013

My reason: Thoughts

My reason: Thoughts: I'm full of thoughts tonight. Why is adoption so expensive? Why can't we be rich? Why don't we win the lottery? I would be happy...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

On my mind

Our last home study visit was this past Monday and we are really cutting things close. Our home study has to be in our little boys country by December 10th or he will no longer be "on hold" for us. This has me very worried and stressed that it won't get there in time. Not only that but we will also need to pay our next adoption fees to our agency which is $6000! So you can imagine how stressed we are right now. This was definitely a leap of faith we have taken and pray it will all work out. So I ask you to please keep our family and our little boy in your prayers. Also all donations are appreciated more then you will ever know and remember no amount is too small. He has been on my mind so much lately and dream of holding him for the first time and how he will feel to know that he is loved! That I haves loved him from the first moment I saw his picture and new from that moment on that he IS my son! Hang in there little man we are working hard to bring you home!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A little info

Reading through some of my previous blog post I've realized that I really havent giving much information on our little "Kyle". So here goes, I'll star with he his in Eastern Europe. We are not able to say what specific country he is in nor his real name to protect him. He was born March 2004 and had several surgeries shortly after birth for heart defects and anal atrisa. Then he was put up for adoption, it's hard to say why but it was more then likely due to his diagnosis of Down Syndrome. From 2004 to 2008 he was in a orphanage right after his 4th birthday he was transferred to a mental institution where he is currently and has been for most of his life. A mental institute is not the place for a child to spend the rest of their life. I can't even imagine being 4 years old and living in a mental institute,can you? This little boy is almost 10 years old and has never known the love of a family! God was preparing us for him and now we are ready! All these surgeries he had he never had a mother or father next to him when he woke up,  no one to hold him when he is scared and no one to tell him he is important! What stands between us and him(besides oceans) $27,000 approximately. That's his ransom!! That's what is needed to save him!! To bring him home to his brother and sisters who already love him and include him in everything they do by talking about him, saying what he would be doing with them. All we can do his pray and raise the funds so he can come home.                                                                                                                 
With that being said we will do our very first giveaway! Hopefully we receive support from many so when can do another giveaway shortly after that.                                                   
We will be giving away a $50 visa gift card, what we need is 11 entries for $10. Once we receive the 11 entries we will have Ruben draw for the winner!!
Why the number 11? Well that's his birthday!

We need these entries to our paypal account,, to help with upcoming fees. Once we receive the 11 entries we will have Ruben draw for the winner and we will notify you!! Please make sure you put your name and email in the information on pay pal so we have a way to contact you. If you want to email me your receipt you can do so to the above email address! We hope to the draw for the winner soon!!
This is the picture of our " Kyle" when he was probably 4 and its the picture we have hanging on our living room wall right next to Sandra's pictures, since they are only 2 years apart. Sandra is happy sharing her side of the wall with is pictures too. We can't wait to have a family picture with all 5 of our kids together.