Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ok so it has been over a month since my last post, a lot has been going on!! So we traveled to Europe to meet our SONS!! Yes you read right we are adopting two boys! Yes they both have down syndrome and are both in double digits age wise. These boys have my heart just like my bio children do. Our little guy Roman is the newest addition he will be 11 in September, yet he is so small and doesn't know how to feed himself or chew. His mental institution social worker said that when he was transferred there 2 years ago he was still being bottle fed!! Can you imagine at 7 years old still drinking out of a bottle? So the fact that he is being spook feed is a big accomplishment. I was able to feed him and it was very hard for me because I was told they feed them fast so when I started feeding him I was taking my time because I didn't want him to gag and get as much food as possible,  it he was not use to that so he was getting impatient so he hit my hand so I would hurry up. I didn't change my speed in his feeding and he eventually got it, that it's ok for him to take his time while eating. I'm sure that day his tummy felt more full and stayed that way longer then other days. He also started showing me towards our last visit that he remembered us!! We would play catch with everyday and count 1, 2,3 then trow it. He would sit on my lap and I would hold his hands so he could throw the ball to my husband. We'll on the 4th visit he cam and stood I front of me and put his hands out to catch!!!!!! I nearly cried when he did that, that was the first time HE initiated catch!!! Usually at the end of our visit a worker would come in and take him away and he was fine just leaving is, nut on our last visit the worker came in and he did not want to go!!! He held on to me tighter and would giggle, then my husband got him to say "see you later" and he did the same thing!!! It was so hard leaving him there! But we had to go to see our other son! Ryan is very opposite of Roman, he is silly interacts   With everyone, feeds himself, expresses emotion, shows interest! He is an older version of our bio son!! He loves cars! The first day he met us he was asking us to take him in a car! Our visits with him were harder simply because he would ask if he was going to leave with us everyday! One day he actually cried at the gate as we left. His social worker said its because he is not use to one on one attention, I like to believe its because he likes our company. All the children would say we are his mommy and daddy but I don't think he understood what that was, he didn't call us mommy and daddy but I'm ok withy that. He has never had a family and  I don't expect him to call us mommy and daddy after just 5 days of meeting us. That is something we have earn! When we bring both boys hoe, we will show them what a family is what mommy and daddy are. Now we are home finishing up the last bit of paper work that is needed for court. Of course now this wait is harder because we have spent time with our boys and we miss them everyday. So I am using shopping as my therapy. I buy the boys something almost every day. So far I have started buying them clothes, they have 10 shorts so far and 2 pairs of shoes. I just hope they fit them when we bring them home. We are all so excited to have our boys home, we pray it will be before this Christmas!