Monday, May 20, 2013

Moving forward

These past few days have been very exciting for our family. We sent in commitment paper work for our adoption. Whe can officialy say that we are adopting "Kyle" on Reeces Rainbow! He is no longer classified as a waiting child yesterday he was under My Family Found Me (MFFM), and today he has been placed under New Commitment!! Our social worker has scheduled our home study and so we begin the many piles of paper work. We have no doubt that this process will be long and stressful, but it will be all worth it when we get to hold our son for the first time! We know there will be plenty of challanges once he is home, but we have our mind set and are ready for it all! Our kids are so excited to add a brother to our family and they have been saving every penny in our "Kyle" jar which sits on top of our intertainment center. We show Ruben the picture of his brother and he smiles and tells him hi. We know they will be the best of friends. Kyle is on the left and Ruben on right.