Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coming together

A lot has happened since my last update. Ryan "Kyle" on RR turned double digits this month!! I also had a birthday this month. Lots of sick kids and parents this month with this weird weather. So our deadline to submit our dossier was this month an we were still short around $1200, but a anonymous donor donated the full $5500 to our adoption agency which we needed to submit our dossier!!!! Praise The Lord!!!! We are still in shock over this and are happy to say our dossier is in Eastern Europe going through translation and will hopefully be officially submitted this upcoming week. Once it is submitted we wait for approval then referral and travel dates. So hopefully by the beginning of this summer we will finally meet our son!! It has been one year since I saw his picture and felt the instant attachment and need to bring him home. It's incredible to think one year ago I inquired about him and received his medical information and pictures and cried every day thinking about this little boy who had just turned 9 living in a institute all his life, this little boy who had yet to experience the love of a family. Here we are now, one year later and he has spent his 10th birthday in that institution, which will be his last birthday there!!! How I wish he knew he has a family doing whatever is necessary to bring him home. Soon we will get to hold him and tell him just how much we love him and have prayed for him and are so happy to call him our son. Every day I think about the moment I get to see him, hold him, hug him, and bring him home to his brother and sisters. Our daughter who is 6 talks about him every day almost has if she knew him from birth, everything includes him!! Brings joy to my heart knowing they think of him as their brother. Soon Ryan you will be right here with us and all this will be a blur all the pain and sadness you have endured will be in the past. I know whatever you have gone through will be unforgettable but we will do our best to love you and help you move forward in our family. We are ready son!!!