Saturday, August 2, 2014

Missing my boys

It has been 9 weeks since we left Roman, and 8 week since we left Ryan! Gosh time is not going by fast enough!! Not a days goes by that my boys are not on my mind. We are slowly adding more and more clothing to their closet, which I am not sure if it will fit them or not but it makes me feel better buying it now so I feel like I am not leaving them out. I wonder if they remember us or if we have been labeled as such another person to walk in and out of their life. Which thinking of that makes me sad, if they only new and understood what we are here doing, working to bring them home. As far as paper work goes we are done with all the paper work for our part unless the judge decides they need more items. So basically we are just waiting to get assigned a judge which will then assign a court date. Unfortunately we are stuck for now since the boys country "shuts down" for summer break. Which of course makes the process seem so much longer :( 

They kids are also anxious to have their brothers home, they ask almost every day when they will be coming home. Which doesn't help me since I already stock my email all day every day except on weekends. Time please speed up!!!!! Sincerely an impatient mama