Monday, April 21, 2014

In time

We received verbal referral almost three weeks, which means our dossier has been approved and we are just waiting on the minster of justice to sign it and issue our first set of travel dates!! It usually take three weeks for this to happen and this Wednesday will be 3 weeks!!!This wait is  killing me, last year on Easter is when we knew "Kyle" had to be a part of our family!! That was one year ago and we have yet to meet this little boy that has our heart. Hopefully by mid to end of May we will be in Europe holding him for the very first time!!!!!! Everything we do already involves him, this weekend we went to Seaworld and we talked about our little guy the whole time an we got him a souvenir for when he come homes. It wouldn't feel right if we hadn't done that, he is our son even if he isn't here. Its like when you are pregnant you start buying items for your baby to have once they make there arrival in this world, its no different to me. I buy things for him every chance I  have so he can have things he hasn't had in his 10 years of life. I know it's all material items, but he already has my heart! So i have started packing a bag with items I plan on taking on our first trip for him to play with and we will hopefully get to leave him a photo album with pictures of his family and new home. Once we visit him we have to leave him and come home for 4-6 months while our adoption is finalized, so we leave him to photo album in the mean time, then we will travel one last time to bring him home! This can't happen soon enough. I know this is all in Gods time, but the wait is still very hard.

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