Thursday, October 24, 2013

On my mind

Our last home study visit was this past Monday and we are really cutting things close. Our home study has to be in our little boys country by December 10th or he will no longer be "on hold" for us. This has me very worried and stressed that it won't get there in time. Not only that but we will also need to pay our next adoption fees to our agency which is $6000! So you can imagine how stressed we are right now. This was definitely a leap of faith we have taken and pray it will all work out. So I ask you to please keep our family and our little boy in your prayers. Also all donations are appreciated more then you will ever know and remember no amount is too small. He has been on my mind so much lately and dream of holding him for the first time and how he will feel to know that he is loved! That I haves loved him from the first moment I saw his picture and new from that moment on that he IS my son! Hang in there little man we are working hard to bring you home!!

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